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An Introduction to the IT Industry

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An Introduction to the IT Industry.

How to facilitate (use) time of studying in University to find your place and role in IT. 


Aims of the Course:

This course introduces students to the 


Course Content:


Foreword (Org meeting).

     2 minutes talk about each participant 

     Education in XXI century (University and teacher roles)

     Entrepreneurial Approach to Education

     IT Education Standards


Industry Scope  

     Rise and origins of an industry.

     Demand for IT: General Picture (Business needs, HW, SW, Services).


Preliminary Stuff

     English. Go global or GTFO.

     IT Media and Analysts Landscape

     Industry Events


MNCs (Behemoths and squirrels)

     role and roots



Academic Institutions



     Most know organizations 

SDOs and NPOs

     role and roots



Corporate Research (Research.%companyname%.com)


Russian Success Stories

Russian IT Market and its Players (State, Customers, MNC, Systems Integrators, ISVs, ISPs, Outsourcing, ...) 

People in the Industry

     Global (US and Non-US)


Your place and role in the Industry

     IT Professions

     Psycho Types (If you are an engieneer - be him)


          Corporate or State Employee and Scientist

          Entrepreneur and Freelance

Personal Development Ecosystem, Networking

Challenges, Trends, Emerging Markets and Technologies in IT. Research Challenges.

Future Planning Game





Teaching Methods:

The class will feature lectures, discussions, short tests and, students will have xx hand-on practice using .... 

Lectures will be important but the emphasis will be on learning through discussions, хх, training and case studies.



Dmitriev Sergey, 





45 contact hours, 150 student work hours

6,0 ECTS


Indicative Literature:



Final exam – хх%

Classroom exercises and home work – хх%

Midterm examination test – хх%


Materials for students



Master Reading






Construction UK: Introduction to the Industry, 2nd Edition, 2008 http://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-140515943X,descCd-description.html

An Introduction to the Entertainment Industry, 2009 http://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Entertainment-Industry-Andi-Stein/dp/1433103400 

Рынки информационных технологий и организация продаж в области ИТ, ГУ-ВШЭ http://hse.ru/edu/courses/8372201.html

Course 'Knowledge Engineering', GSOM http://www.gsom.pu.ru/en/graduate/mib/curriculum/32/ 




Course Task Types 


Content in Russian



table of contents



exam (grading structure)

invited speakers

guest seminars

places (off and on-line)

poster (picture, text, design)


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